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HOT CLASSIC – Based on the original Hot Yoga made famous by Bikram Choudhury, Hot Classic consists of 26 postures which are practiced in a room heated to approximately 40 degrees. This class focuses on detoxing and stretching of all muscles, tendons, and ligaments. This practice improves the functions of the organs, nerves and glands. 


HOT VINYASA – Hot Vinyasa is practiced in a room heated to approximately 38 degrees with a series of breath synchronized postures based on Sun Salutation. Vinyasa, which means Flow, helps to build strength, flexibility and stamina. This class will be strong as the practice is dynamic, energetic and include basic arm balancing and inversion poses. 

Some prior yoga experience required, not suitable for complete beginners.

BACKBENDS & HIPS – Come join us for a class that focuses on your back and hips! Always wanted to be able to do a full wheel, a dancer’s pose or even a scorpion pose? This session aims to focus on your back and hips that will allow your body to work towards and experience all the asanas you’ve never really been able to get into.

Some prior yoga experience required, not suitable for complete beginners.

YOGA CORE – An intense workout designed to target the muscle-groups making up your core: Abs, obliques, erector spinae, transverse abdominus, and quadratus lumborum. A stronger core will improve your balance and posture; allow you to hold postures longer and stronger; reduce the risk of injuries; and in general, improve your daily life by making everyday tasks easier.

POWER – Self explanatory! Be prepared for a lot of dynamic vinyasa, power moves & technical poses ie arm balancing and inversions. Leave the class sweaty, happy and energized!

For yoga practitioners with good yoga foundation.

YOGA LAB –  Yoga Lab is an alignment focused class that assists students in understanding a balancing or inversion posture in a workshop style. Each week, a specific pose will be chosen and worked on safely and correctly. The class will start with a flow to warm the body. After, the chosen posture for the session will be broken into its components and alignment will be reviewed. Great class for all who are looking to deepen their understanding of yoga postures and want to practice yoga safely and therapeutically.

Some prior yoga experience required, not suitable for complete beginners.

YOGA BEATS – Move your body to the music in our Yoga Beats class! The class will begin with a vinyasa flow to warm up the body. Strength exercises will be incorporated throughout the class to specifically tone the arms, core, back and legs. Yin poses will be done periodically, stretching out tight muscles to work towards a leaner body. Get your heart-rate pumping in this high energy, fast paced class and be prepared to sweat!

All levels welcomed.

VINYASA FLOW – Similar to Hot Vinyasa except without the heat. And since there’s no heat, it’s more suitable for beginners.

All levels welcome.

YIN YANG – Anahata’s style of basic class. This class is of a slower pace and more emphasis on correct postures and alignments. It is also a perfect blend of deep stretches, also known as Yin Poses, and Yang poses which is more dynamic.

Great for beginners!

YIN – Yin Yoga focuses on passive poses that target on stretching beyond the muscles. This session goes deep into connective tissues, joints, tendons and ligaments. An extremely slow pace class as poses are held between 2 and 5 minutes.

All levels practitioners, beginners welcome.