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Raised in Paris, Fabrice lived as a young adult in Madrid and London before relocating permanently to Asia in 1997.  A busy corporate warrior for most of his career, Fabrice was constantly stressed, trying to meet client deadlines, regularly spending four nights a week in hotel rooms, eating plane food or skipping meals, drinking too much and sleeping too little.  The thought of going to a hotel gym after a long day of meetings was less attractive than a visit to the dentist.

Trying to keep his sanity, Fabrice began practicing yoga fifteen years ago. At the same time, he learnt meditation and attended several retreats. The positive results were immediate and Fabrice was able to reconnect with his body, pay attention to his emotions, and regain a long-lost balance.

Fabrice decided to teach yoga so others could benefit from his experience and achieve greater balance in their personal and professional lives.  Jokingly called “The Guru” by his friends, Fabrice teaches a gentle style of hatha yoga and flow combining asanas with pranayama and meditation.  In yoga as in all things, Fabrice’s life philosophy is, “if it don’t feel right, it probably ain’t good for you”.

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