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An avid distance runner, ice hockey player and dragon boat paddler, James has had no shortage of physical activities for most of his life.

In 2007, he was introduced to Hot Yoga for the first time, and compared his first 90-minute hot class to running a full marathon (he ran five).  In 2011, after the birth of his first beautiful child, James completed his Hot Teachers’ Training and embarked on his journey into teaching yoga.

Having competed in many different sports, James can comprehend how tight athletes can be, and he is familiar with the many (unfortunate) injuries athletes encounter.  Before leaving the corporate world, James spent eight years behind a desk developing poor sitting postures and a bad back.  James draws from all these experiences which allows him to relate to the many different students in his classes. His teaching style is strong and precise with a wee bit of fun. When not teaching, James spends most of his time playing ice hockey and spending time with his ever-so-adorable daughter & son.

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