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From a practitioner of hot yoga to now a Raja Yoga devotee, San is very honoured that her current Dharma (duty) is to give and share her passion in Yoga. After many years of leading classes, San still consider her teaching in the “teething” period as she  continues to encounters issues and questions that she cant resolve but mindfully accepting and grow from them. “Every class is a chance for me to give and share, and every encounter with a student is achance for me to learn and grow.”

San shows her deepest gratefulness to Swami Satyananda for showing her the True Compassion and Kindness of life, and continuing to guide her in her yogic path. As well to the two greatest  yoga teachers, her 2 daughters who had and will be continuing teaching her the Innocence of Life with a True Passion.

San is very content to be part of Anahata community where she  has a chance to truly bond with friends who love yoga at its  purest form. “In a class i am a person who gives instructions, out of class i am just like anyone who laughs cries and enjoy a good piece of chocolate 🙂

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