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At Anahata,
We aim to provide a Yoga Kula
(Community in Sanskrit)

Student Community

We want to create a space where like-minded people who love yoga at its purest form can meet and practice together.

We encourage students to get to know one another and to help, to give and to communicate. This is a space to bond and much more.

If you have any ideas to improve our student community please write in to us and we would love to hear your ideas.

Social Community

At Anahata, our Yoga for a Cause works in a few ways.

1) Karma classes, monetary based: students coming in for that specific class will donate any amount of money to practice and the teacher will  donate that class’s paycheck. Our studio will also match the total amount of donations collected for that class. This amount of money will then be donated to a person/animal (personally, which means we will try not to donate to big organizations but to an individual him/herself, or an animal in need)

2) Karma support, man powered based: we will organize trips i.e. visiting old folks homes to bring them the joy of yoga and basic necessities, visiting orphans and bringing them out on a day trip,spring cleaning and adding necessities to homes of low income families and so much more. If you have any other ideas, please share them with us! If you are interested in commiting some of your free time to Karma Support, please write in to us at

At Anahata,
We aim to bring our yoga to work
for a cause – in many good ways

At Anahata,
We all know every teacher has
their nerve wrecking story to tell

Teaching Community

Every teacher has his/her first class, whether it’s a practice teaching class; a mock class for a potential job after a Teacher  Training or even an actual first class.

Some potential teachers even gave up teaching after their first few teaching experience were not so successful. We remember this, recognize it, and we identify with it.

That’s why at Anahata, we have a time slot set aside for any potential teachers, before or after TT. Anyone who needs a chance to practice teaching to a group of ‘bodies’ without any judgement, who needs feedback on his/her teaching skill from others, who just wants to know how it feels to be standing in front of a ‘class’ or for any other reason.

We are here for you. Bring your best friends, bring your parents, or let us find some students, plus us! Write in to us, we’d love to hear from you.